Appointment of 3 new DCPs will strengthen police operations says Dickson

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Appointment of 3 new DCPs will strengthen police operations says Dickson

The House of Representatives is set to receive the nominations of three senior officers to be confirmed in the rank of DCP—acting ACP Administration Junior Benjamin, W/Supt Natasha George of the North Eastern Division and ACP Wendell Lucas of the White Collar Crime Bureau.

Head of the TTPS Social Welfare Association (TTPSSWA) ASP Gideon Dickson believes the appointment of the three new DCP’s will strengthen the operational capacity of the police in crime-fighting.

Once the nominations are accepted, the Police Service Commission (PSC) will issue letters of appointment to the three candidates.

Dickson said the appointments would improve the functioning of the TTPS as it would complete the staffing necessary to offer support for crime-fighting strategies.

“The TTPS is a body that consistently has been measured as if we had all the resources and the truth is for the last two and a half nearing three years, devoid of having three DCPs to assist the Commissioner and by extension the executive in the strategic direction of how we manage crime, how we manage resources, how we manage operations.

“These things will have an impact on our overall performance.”

Dickson added that confirmation of officers to officially act in the rank would demonstrate proper leadership and decision-making.

“It provides officers with a level of on-the-job experience and opportunities to make small differences but you may be a bit timid in how you take some decisions,” he said.

“When you have a confirmed officer in the seat you tend to be more decisive in your decision-making, you tend to take calculated risks to achieve the outcome, these are things that will work in the favour of the organisation and the public.”