TTFA appoints sports attorney Christophe Brathwaite as its Integrity Officer

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TTFA appoints sports attorney Christophe Brathwaite as its Integrity Officer

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) has announced a historic milestone in its commitment to the beautiful game.

In a release, the TTFA said that for the first time in their illustrious history, they are embarking on a journey of dedication and accountability by introducing Sport Attorney Christophe Brathwaite as TTFA Integrity Officer.

Brathwaite has extensive experience in sport law, procurement law and governance and has worked with the TTFA as the Chairman of the First Instance Body (FIB) which oversees and awards club licenses. He will now vacate his role on the FIB to take up the appointment as the Integrity Officer.

The release further noted that football, as the world’s most beloved sport, holds a special place in the hearts of millions across our nation and beyond.

The TTFA said it recognizes the importance of upholding the integrity of this sport, ensuring it remains free from manipulation and corruption.

In line with their unwavering dedication to fair play, they are establishing their commitment to adopting an effective approach against any form of manipulation and the unlawful influencing of match incidents and results.

Brathwaite will work with the FIFA Integrity Department to develop and implement the TTFA Integrity Policy which will operate in line with TTFA, Concacaf and FIFA Ethics and Disciplinary Policies and Regulations.

The core pillars of the TTFA Integrity Policy revolve around two fundamental principles: the promotion of integrity and the protection of football matches and competitions.