Agostini’s takes ownership of Oscar Francois and Intersol

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Agostini’s takes ownership of Oscar Francois and Intersol

Clearly looking ahead to the widespread distribution of Covid19 vaccines, the Agostini’s Group has expanded its pharmaceutical network and has purchased Oscar Francois Ltd and Intersol Ltd.

Agostini’s announced that the acquisitions were made by Smith Robertson which purchased all of the shareholdings in the two companies.

“We wish to advise our shareholders that our subsidiary company, Smith Robertson and Company Limited has signed a Sale and Purchase agreement with the shareholders of Oscar Francois Limited and Intersol Limited to acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of those companies,” Agostini’s stated.

The deal, once due diligence is completed, would close by April 30.

Intersol manufactures a range of personal care products, and the Diquez brand is one of its most popular.

Oscar Francois is a leading pharmaceutical, medical supplies distributor and also provides personal care products. It’s range includes agriculture and veterinary supplies.

Chairman Christian Mouttet recently stated in a report that “The recent approval of several vaccines for the virus, with the expectation of additional vaccines under various stages of development being approved is positive and cause for optimism. Our pharmaceutical distribution and retail companies stand ready to assist the Ministry of Health with the management of the logistics and the implementation of their vaccination programme when vaccines are available to our market.”