A rose that grew from concrete!

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A rose that grew from concrete!

One of the best representations which came from East Port of Spain, Kareem Marcelle could easily be described, as a young man who has set aside his own life to serve others in his community, his family and many others around him.

His love for activism is a spawn of his mother’s dedication for helping others and for protecting the rights of citizens.

Kareem earned the Makandal Daaga Scholarship to study Law at The UWI, St. Augustine Campus in 2018 and now at 28-years-old he was admitted to the bar.

Marcelle will get the opportunity to work with law firm Guerra, ­Elders and Associates.

Just as Tupac Shakur said in his poem “The Rose that grew from Concrete”, Kareem Marcelle is Beetham Garden’s rose.


Kareem is the last of four children for his mother and father.

Marcelle’s mother, Sherma Wilson who was a radio talk show announcer ensured that her children were always taken care of and stayed away from a life of crime, while living in The Beetham.

Kareem moved through Sacred Heart Boys R.C. to Daniels Community College.

He then attended Trinity College in Maraval, where, in spite of life’s challenges and not having his father around he became president of the debate club and the 2012 National Youth Parliamentarian and Public Relations Officer of his community.

Here is a video featuring Kareem created by The University of the West Indies.