2 men beaten and chopped in Rio Claro

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2 men beaten and chopped in Rio Claro

Two men were chopped and wounded during an altercation in Rio Claro on Thursday.

A 21 -year-old man of Zion Hill, Guayaguayare Road, Rio Claro was beaten, chopped and stabbed while another 21-year-old of Enid Village, Rio Claro, who tried to intervene was beaten and chopped on the right side of his body by three men armed with cutlasses and knives.

Pc Choo-Lin-Chew and WPC Ali of the Rio Claro Municipal Police who were on duty nearby, disarmed the attackers and arrested them.

Both victims were taken to the Rio Claro Health Centre. One was transferred to Sangre Grande Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and is warded in stable condition while the other was discharged.