144 reports of elder abuse

144 reports of elder abuse

As at May 31, 2021 there were (144) one hundred seventy-four reports of elder abuse.

One hundred and twenty-three (123) came from private residences.

Another twenty-eight emanated from Homes for Older persons. The remaining twenty-three (23) were categorized as information requests.

This update is contained in information from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services’ Division of Ageing receives through its Older Persons Information Centre hotline.

In a media release the Ministry said neglect was the leading type of abuse reported with fifty-three such cases, followed by forty-four cases of financial abuse.

There were thirty-five cases (35) of physical abuse, and twenty cases of Verbal/ Emotional/Psychological abuse respectively.

The information comes on the heels of tomorrow’s annual commemoration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

The occasion is used to foster greater awareness and meaningful action against the mistreatment and exploitation of older persons in the society, and is reserved for the world to join in solidarity against the abuse and suffering experienced by older persons worldwide.