Young condemns action by CAL pilots

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Young condemns action by CAL pilots

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young has condemned the action by the pilots.

Young, during an even in Cascade on Monday, placed blame for the shutdown of CAL’s operations squarely on the shoulders of “a handful, a literal handful of individuals who thought that was the way to treat citizens of Trinidad and Tobago”.

“You must understand with an airline we have a wide, wide, customer net of international travellers as well and when you trace that back it is all about entitlement. There is a limited pot that’s the treasury and there are so many persons that have to be looked after, the vulnerable, the aged.”

He reminded that Government had to use taxpayers’ money to keep CAL afloat during the years of the pandemic. However, he said as difficult as it was for Government, the money was pumped into CAL “because we believed as a policy, we should keep a national airline … going”.

“Citizens let us not fall into those traps because we must always think of the others in our society and not only see what is in front of us right here,” Young added.