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DOMA says Customs delays affecting business

DOMA President Gregory Aboud

The Down Town Owners and Merchants Association says the business community is being affected by chronic delays with the Customs delivery of shipments from the Port of Port-of-Spain and the Port of Point Lisas.

DOMA explains, however, that this statement is not a complaint about the operations of the Port Authority.

In a media statement DOMA noted that over the past several months and particularly since the beginning of May, there has been a noticeable slowdown reported in the screening of documents and in the operations of the Customs Examination Station at both Ports.

It pointed out that May and June are not a period of peak cargo movement; as such it is bewildered as to why the Customs service is so excruciatingly slow at this time.

DOMA says the association has, over the past several weeks, received repeated and increasing complaints from business operators, manufacturers, and distributors regarding the excessive rent, damage, and loss of productive business being caused by the slowdown in the process.