Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan’s ‘I Am Legend’ sequel plot revealed

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Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan’s ‘I Am Legend’ sequel plot revealed

Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan announced a sequel to the former’s 2007 post-apocalyptic thriller I Am Legend last year, and now details about the plot have been revealed.

I Am Legend 2 will follow an alternate ending that was available on the two-disc special edition DVD release of the original film where Will’s character doesn’t die.

“This will start a few decades later than the first,” the film’s producer and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman told Deadline on Wednesday (February 15). “That will be especially visual in New York. I don’t know if they’ll climb up to the Empire State building, but the possibilities are endless.”

She added: “We trace back to the original Matheson book, and the alternate ending as opposed to the released ending in the original film. What Matheson was talking about was that man’s time on the planet as the dominant species had come to an end. That’s a really interesting thing we’re going to get to explore. There will be a little more fidelity to the original text.”

The film series is based on a novel of the same name written by Richard Matheson in 1954, and it appears the sequel will follow the book more closely this time. In it, Robert Neville (Smith’s character) realizes he’s become a monster in the eyes of the infected and abandons his research to instead journey to Vermont to attempt to find the survivor’s colony.

Seemingly in the spirit of revisiting his fan-favorite roles, it was also recently confirmed that a fourth installment of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boys series is on the way.

It’s about that time. It’s official. Bad Boys for life,” Smith said in a video announcing the film in January. “We shouldn’t have called it that though. The three was the ‘E’ but this is Bad Boys 4.

Bad Boys For Life, the third installment in the series, raked in $426.5million at the worldwide box office in 2020 – 25 years after 1995’s Bad Boys original collected $141million globally.

As for Michael B. Jordan, he’s also reviving a fan-favorite role as he prepares for the release of Creed III – where he also serves as director. The film hits theaters on March 3.