WATCH: Sea Foam “snow’ in Manzanilla

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WATCH: Sea Foam “snow’ in Manzanilla

There was an unusual sight on the east coast of Manzanilla this morning…SNOW!
At least the illusion of snow caused by sea foam.

People using the coastal road on east Coast Manzanilla witnessed the phenomena, as sea foam churned up in the Atlantic Ocean, driven ashore on the high tide by strong winds.

The foam is being broken up and dispersed by the wind, creating the illusion of snow fall, as this person recording the event notes.

According to, if you look at ocean water in a clear glass, you’ll see that it’s not clear but full of tiny particles. Seawater contains dissolved salts, proteins, fats, dead algae, detergents and other pollutants. If you shake this glass of ocean water vigorously, small bubbles will form on the surface of the liquid.

Sea foam forms under similar conditions – but on a much grander scale – when storms roll in and the ocean is agitated by wind and waves. The creation of sea foam can occur often in gargantuan proportions.