WATCH | Cardi B says she is tired of people calling her a Mexican

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WATCH | Cardi B says she is tired of people calling her a Mexican

Cardi B is fed up with fans misidentifying her by calling her a Mexican and she is explaining why.

The Bronx rapper has been a social media star for a decade now, so she has become accustomed to online hate and propaganda. However, some things Cardi B says she will never get used to and will always defend herself against. During a recent live session on TikTok, the New York artist spoke candidly on her position concerning her heritage being mislabeled by cyberbullies who like to call her a “dirty Mexican.” The rapper believes that these slurs are deliberately meant to offend her, just like the stigma about her being ratchet.

According to the Grammy-winning rapper, her indignation is triggered by these slights popping up on the backdrop of her being dragged for years for being a “hood rat” and “ghetto” and constantly being called a stripper despite her successful music career. It all stems from a TikTok post by a content creator who called Cardi B “very, very ghetto.” Cardi took to X, formerly Twitter, to defend herself, stating that ever since she became famous in music, she has been disparaged for her background.

The rapper wrote in part, “and to this day no matter what I accomplished I still get called a stripper all because I’m from the ghetto.” Cardi also took to Tik Tok live to rant about the constant criticism and double down on the fact that her fame has come with never-ending belittling and disparagement. She later raised the point of people often calling her a Mexican and explained why she would be offended by that misidentification.

“A lot of people keep saying damn, why is it I feel offended when people call me Mexican? Because I’m not Mexican! I’m not Mexican. My nationalities don’t have the same culture. We speak the same language; we have different dialects. We don’t eat the same food; we don’t eat the same nothing. Call a Nigerian Ghanaian. Call a Haitian Jamaican. Call a Jamaican a Haitian. Call Guyanese a Trini and you tell me how they gonna feel.”

She continued, “Y’all do that sh*t to irritate me. And not only do you y’all call me a Mexican, y’all call me a dirty Mexican. So, of course, I’m gonna defend myself every single time you guys do it. You’re not gonna keep erasing my nationalities.”

Elsewhere in the TikTok live session, Cardi B, who is of Dominican and Trinidadian heritage and Afro-Latina descent, spoke about colorism, the economy, the music business, and how to market yourself. She explained that having started as an influencer in 2014, she has bumped her head a lot, and it was hard to work past the stereotypes. She added that to this day, she can’t even talk about political topics she really wants to because of how she is viewed by society as a “stripper ghetto a** b**h.”

What do you think about Cardi B’s reaction to being dragged about this topic yet again? Does her background negate her accomplishments, or is it about time people gave up the narrative?