Washed Ashore! Fisherman’s body found near La Brea

Washed Ashore! Fisherman’s body found near La Brea

Following a search by the TT Coast Guard, the body of San Fernando fisherman Andrew Volman has been found.

Volman’s body washed ashore this morning, a few days after his fishing vessel was attacked by pirates and he was thrown overboard at gunpoint, along with another fisherman – his relative.

The relative was able to swim back to shore, when the incident occurred outside of La Brea at around 9p.m Sunday.

The Coast Guard’s public affairs officer, Lieutenant Khadija Lamy, confirmed yesterday that they received information from the police concerning Sunday’s incident
and that a TTCG vessel was dispatched to search the area where the incident occurred.

Just yesterday, Gary p Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) also issued a statement, said that the boat with its engine and the cellphones of the fishermen were stolen but the boat was later recovered with its nets but minus the engine.

FFOS stated that based on information at hand, the men had life vests aboard the boat and the Coast Guard had been contacted but they are still awaiting assistance from the authorities.

“This is an urgent call for all fishermen, marines and seafarers in La Brea, Point Fortin, Otaheite, San Fernando, Marabella and anyone else available to assist in finding our missing fisherman.