WASA to impose water restrictions from March 1

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WASA to impose water restrictions from March 1

Following the Met Office’s prediction of a harsher than normal dry season, the Water and Sewerage Authority has announced the measures they have put in place.

WASA’S Chief Executive Officer, Sherland Sheppard, during a press conference on Saturday, shared Wasa’s Dry Season Water Management Plan for 2022. Mr Sheppard explained that the Authority has been working closely with the Ministry of Public Utilities to manage this.

Among the work done, rehabilitation of wells, pipe line installations, new boosters and refurbishment of water treatment plants.

Water restrictions will be imposed from March 1 until the end of June and during that time the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) will impose new fines on violators.

The current fine under the Water and Sewage Act is $75, but WASA CEO Sherland Sheppard said the organisation is seeking to update that legislation to impose higher fines.

Sheppard was part of the panel that unveiled WASA’s dry season water management plan yesterday at WASA’s St Joseph compound.

“The fines that we have a very minimal and outdated which is being reviewed presently by our legal department and will be implemented in some time as it goes through the legislative system,” he said.

Sheppard also warned citizens against purchasing water from unauthorised trucks as he said WASA could not guarantee the quality of that water. He said some illegal water trucks take water from WASA reservoirs and reduce the amount available to customers with a pipe-borne water supply.

He added that WASA is going to increase the availability of truck-borne water supply in areas that need it.

Sheppard advised the owners of car wash businesses to come in to the WASA offices and register as they could be cut off if they operate without approval.

“There is the application system for car wash or any company that uses large amounts of water,” he said.