Valencia residents should expect their water supply returned this week says WASA

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Valencia residents should expect their water supply returned this week says WASA

The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) is working to restore a pipeline supply of water to Valencia residents after a cutback in their water supply due to reduced rainfall over the past four months.

In a statement, WASA said customers in the extremities and elevated areas of Valencia were impacted by the cutback in production at the Hollis Water Treatment Plant and Quare Booster Station. The company said every effort is being made to deliver a pipe borne supply over this coming week.

The areas include: San Pablo, San Pedro, Mora, Clarence Trace, Cumaca Road, Casuarina Boulevard and environs.

WASA said it’s currently undertaking several initiatives to achieve this, which includes: increasing production at the Hollis Water Treatment Plant, in keeping with recent rainfall within the Hollis catchment that has led to an increase in the storage capacity at the reservoir, from approximately 42 to 48 per cent.

Apart from this, there has also been an increase in flows in the Quare River, which similarly allows for increased production at this facility.

These two developments combined with other adjustments along the distribution system, are expected to provide the additional water and pressures required to reach the above-mentioned areas with a pipe borne supply in the coming days.

In the interim, WASA said it will continue to utilize its truck borne service to supplement the supply to affected customers. This can be requested through the following self-service options:

– WASA Services App available via the Play Store or Apple store; or

– Customer Portal available on the Authority’s website:

Alternatively, customers requiring direct assistance or further information can contact WASA’s Customer Call Centre toll free at 800-4420/4426.