Union and Bristol Village residents stage fiery protest over lack of water

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Union and Bristol Village residents stage fiery protest over lack of water

Villagers from Union village and Bristol Village in the Rio Claro Mayaro Region, staged an early morning protest over their lack of pipe-borne water.

The residents state that for the nine months of the year thus far, they have received a full supply of water only nine times.

Meanwhile, Mayaro MP Rushton Paray has made an urgent call for WASA to address what he called the constituency’s lingering water distribution issues.

In a statement this morning Paray said, “Once again, the inefficiencies of WASA, stemming from unresolved engineering challenges, have disrupted water distribution in the Mayaro Constituency. Today, in my capacity as the Member of Parliament, I wish to express my unwavering support for the actions initiated by the residents of Union and its neighbouring communities in response to these persistent water issues.”

He said the San Pedro Booster has been a problematic source, with WASA grappling with acute pressure complications, making it arduous to ensure water reaches Mayaro and its adjoining communities.

MP Paray said despite his consistent appeals over several months, imploring WASA to bolster the quantity and regularity of Water Trucking Services to compensate for these distribution challenges, the response has been, regrettably, lacklustre. “Further, my continuous engagement with the Minister of Public Utilities, urging for an assertive approach and allocation of funds for the trio of projects pinpointed almost two years prior, aimed at rectifying the water predicaments in Mayaro, has yet to see concrete action.”

He said these projects encompass operationalising the Petro Guaya Service, commissioning a new Water Treatment Plant, drawing from the Ortoire River and laying down a novel 14″ line stretching from Navet to Tableland, which would facilitate uninterrupted access of the existing line to Rio Claro.

“ It’s time for the Minister to display resolute commitment, ensuring these projects transition from mere proposals to tangible solutions for the Mayaro Constituency. Concurrently, I urge WASA to embrace and implement the Water Trucking Plan I proposed over a year ago. Let’s work collaboratively to ensure the people of Mayaro no longer endure the hardships of water scarcity.”