Russia Says Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine is 92 Percent Effective


Russia Says Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine is 92 Percent Effective

According to the results of the interim trials, the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, is 92% effective against covid-19.

The news was given by the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which has financed and marketed this vaccine.

This number is advanced after samples have been taken from about 16 thousand participants.

The study was carried out after 20 volunteers were diagnosed with covid-19, and it was analyzed how many received the vaccine or a placebo.

The third phase of testing of this treatment developed by the Gamaleya Institute is still taking place in 29 clinics in Moscow, for a total of 40,000 volunteers.

The announcement was made two days after the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its partner BioNTech reported that their vaccine had been 90% effective.

Russia was the first country in the world to register a vaccine against covid-19, and this novelty only shows that the country is accompanying western pharmaceutical companies in the race for the vaccine. “We have shown, based on the data, that we have a very effective vaccine,” said Kirill Dmitriev, director of the Russian Direct Investment FundS