UNC says it does not want TT to become a police state

UNC says it does not want TT to become a police state

The United National Congress has fired back at a Press Release from the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith on Tuesday.

Griffith had slammed the opposition and its senator David Nakhid and questioned who the real monsters were, given the stance of the opposition on the anti-gang legislation.

But, in their response to Griffith, the UNC said that its leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar wisely warned that the country must not become monsters in its fight against monsters.

“The UNC itself is used to the abuse, attacks, and disdain demonstrated while standing as the last effective block between Democracy and Dictatorship in Trinidad and Tobago.
Despite this, the United National Congress stands firm and reiterates its support for all law-abiding citizens, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.”

In it release, the UNC said “This is a Democracy. It is not a Fiefdom. We are guided by Constitutional principles of the Rule of Law. And we do not want Trinidad and Tobago to become a Police State. This is what the United National Congress stands for.”

It added, “To clarify errors put in the public domain: The Bail (Amendment) Bill was passed in 2019 with Opposition support, and the Evidence (Amendment) Bill was passed last week with Opposition support.
We now need to monitor the effectiveness of this legislation in the fight against crime, and amend and correct as necessary. This is the role of the Opposition and we will not be berated for carrying out our duties to make our country safer and freer.”:

The UNC is now calling on the Commissioner of Police to work together with all stakeholders – including the Opposition.


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    C L R Chase 1 week

    The UNC is nervous that the CoP is winning the war on this crime issue and the population
    eyes are beginning to open to the fact that the UNC has no intentions of doing their part to illuminate crime in this country ,because they have it as a “cause celebre” it is one of their keys to taking back power in this country.
    Notice how they shamelessly tried to get ahead of the Andrea Bharrat murder and use it as a political issue but they failed miserably hence the reason they had to go and vote for the Evidence Amendment Bill. on the eve of this girl`s funeral. This was one of the Bills that the CoP have been pleading with them before to vote on; and like Saul on his way to Damascus they have had a miraculous conversion. They have told us already and we should heed their words politics has morality of it`s own and I might add as others have so rightly highlighted for UNC to succeed T&T has to fail and they constantly prey and prey for our downfall. So GG keep doing the right thing you may not always get it right but we know you heart is in the right place for this country.

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