TTPS records reduction in some crimes in Morvant, San Juan communities

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TTPS records reduction in some crimes in Morvant, San Juan communities

In the recently concluded Santa Cruz Town Meeting held on June 7th, at the Cantaro Community Centre, James Street, La Pastora, Santa Cruz, the Senior Superintendent North-Eastern Division (NED) shared some of the successes.

The Snr Supt, who took command six months ago, revealed that four illegal firearms were seized in the Santa Cruz district, seven stolen vehicles were recovered, and two suspects were charged with trafficking in large quantities of narcotics. In the Morvant district, they recorded 14 days of none violent crimes. Snr Supt Edwards said violent crime was on the rise when he took leadership of the Morvant district and implemented ‘Operation Strong Hold’ which aided in the reduction.

The NED also apprehended two assailants involved in a robbery in the San Juan area and officers were able to apprehend the men within 10 minutes of the crime being reported.

The senior officer said in the time he has been at the NED, he has met with the San Juan, Morvant and Santa Cruz communities, to discuss the issues of crime in their district.

He has invited residents of the Santa Cruz, San Juan and Morvant communities, who may have not yet connected with him or want to share information on crimes affecting them in their communities, to do so.

Community members can call and make an appointment at 624-3737 to see him at his Morvant office on Tuesdays (except public holidays) between 9 am and 1 pm.

Several attendees at the meeting had their concerns dealt with and for those whose matters could not be immediately addressed at the forum a police officer was assigned to provide the additional assistance required to resolve the issue.