UNC says Government must justify SOE Extension

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UNC says Government must justify SOE Extension

The United National Congress says the Government must justify an extension of a State of Emergency.

It says the Government must outline its plan should that decision be taken in the Parliament by way of a simple majority.

It maintains that even though the country has been under an SOE for the past three months it has done nothing to curb the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago will go to the Lower House to seek an extension for the current State of Emergency.

The SOE, which should elapse on August 29, could carry on for a further three months.

The country has also maintained a curfew for the same period.

According to a Parliamentary Order Paper, the Government is expected to raise a motion to have the SOE extended on August 25.

Speaking at media conference yesterday UNC MP for Caroni East Rishi Seecharan said there is no need for an SOE at this time.

He also maintained that many of the measures being taken now can be done through the Public Health Ordinance.

He said the parallel health care system is now in a good place and the availability of vaccines has also produced good results.