UNC demands apology from CNC3’s Natalee Legore for Trump comparison

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UNC demands apology from CNC3’s Natalee Legore for Trump comparison

The United National Congress has slammed CNC3 Morning Brew co-host Natalee Legore for comments made during the show on Thursday morning.

The party, via a statement from its new PRO Kirk Meighoo, said it condemns in the strongest possible terms the baseless, inappropriate and offensive remarks by Legore, that the UNC’s Leadership tried to encourage chaos as seen in the US capital on Wednesday.

Meighoo said it has always stood for democracy and their statements post-election 2020 were ones which are guaranteed by our constitution to legally question electoral irregularities, as is provided for in any liberal democracy.

“Ms. Legore is out of place to presume that she can chastise the Opposition for exercising its Constitutional responsibility to call attention to these serious issues.
Instead of fabricating scurrilous attacks on the United National Congress, I take this time to remind Ms. Legore that it was not the UNC who prevented foreign and Commonwealth Observers from coming to our shores. I take the time to remind the host it isn’t the UNC who is leading a government today which is breaching and eroding the human rights, standard of living and welfare of our nation. It is not the UNC that emasculated the procurement act, in order to enable government to government corruption.”

He added: “Ms. Legore consistently displays a clear political bias on the programme, and it is no surprise that her views are in complete alignment with the Heliconia Foundation’s recent statements. While it is every citizen’s right to exercise free speech and hold political preferences, that Ms. Legore should express her political views in such an offensive, aggressive, and provocative way crosses the line of propriety for a show such as the Morning Brew, which purports – and presumably strives – to be politically nonaligned.”

“It is reckless and unbecoming when commentators in the public domain opt to make inciteful statements in an effort to baselessly and disingenuosuly tarnish the UNC to further a clear political predisposition.
We in the UNC will continue to fight for peace, bread and justice. We we will not be deterred in this battle for the betterment of our citizens by those who seek to maintain the current status quo, which continues to bring hardship on a daily basis to our people.
We call on Ms. Legore to apologise forthwith to the United National Congress for her provocative and false accusations.”