Government has left TTPS underfunded and under resourced

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Government has left TTPS underfunded and under resourced

The Opposition UNC is accusing the Government of misleading the public in its fight against crime.

Senator Jayanti Lutchmedial made the claim in the UNC’s Monday Night Forum last evening.
She noted that the UNC supported the Evidence Amendment Bill despite misgivings regarding the bill.

Senator Lutchmedial said the Government is being disingenuous when it accuses the UNC of limiting the Government and the TTPS in the fight against crime.

She noted that the Government has left the Police Service underfunded and under resourced.
Citing a recent newspaper article in which Police Commissioner Gary Griffith lamented the lack of funding for the TTPS, she noted that the lack of funding is also about to affect the criminal justice system.

Senator Lutchmedial stated that the Commissioner of Police in the article suggested that the training of Police Prosecutors will have to take a backseat as focus is placed on meeting basic needs for the TTPS such as electricity bills.