Ukrainian Authorities Claim To Have Foiled Russian Cyber-Attack

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Ukrainian Authorities Claim To Have Foiled Russian Cyber-Attack

Ukrainian authorities say they foiled an attempt to disrupt their energy infrastructure through a cyber-attack.

The officials say the hackers first got inside systems by February. They then tried to activate the malicious software they had implanted on April 8th; this could have switched off power supplies.

This type of attack has been carried out in Ukraine before as far back as 2015. However, authorities say this time the attack was foiled.

The alleged perpetrators are said to be a hacking group known as Sandworm, linked to Russian military intelligence and a series of previous operations (always denied by Moscow).

It is alleged they may have been seeking to carry out the attack in support of military operations in the region that was targeted.

Ukraine has been subject to a series of cyber-attacks in the run up to and since the invasion began but has surprised many observers by defending itself against them better than expected.