Task Force seizes guns, ammo and weed in Beetham Gardens

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Task Force seizes guns, ammo and weed in Beetham Gardens

Two firearms, a quantity of ammunition and four packets of marijuana were allegedly seized yesterday by officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) during a crime eradication exercise in Beetham Gardens.

According to police reports, during the period 9 pm on January 17th and 1 am on January 18th, IATF personnel were conducting the exercise which led them to Sixth Street, Beetham Gardens.

Upon arrival, police officers observed a group of men gathered in an alleyway. While approaching the group on foot, the men escaped. Police however searched the area during which they allegedly found a black plastic bag in a derelict vehicle containing four rectangular packets wrapped in white paper and plastic wrap containing cannabis.

The operation continued and police officers proceeded to another location in the Spring Side Avenue area, where they saw another group of men gathered.

Upon seeing the marked police vehicle, the group fled in different directions through some nearby tracks.
Police mounted another search of the area, where after searching a heap of garbage on the roadway, they discovered a black plastic bag containing a Smith and Wesson .38 revolver loaded with three rounds of .38 spl ammunition and a Taurus pistol with two magazines each fitted with a 23 rounds nine millimetre ammunition.

PC Weekes is continuing enquiries into both findings.