Simplified selection process for a new CoP to be debated on Monday

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Simplified selection process for a new CoP to be debated on Monday

With the Police Commissioner’s contract coming to an end in approximately two months, government will be debating come Monday, a more simplified way to select the next top cop.

An Express report states that the legal notice to this effect was submitted to the Senate last Friday, which simplifies the process by which a top CoP and his deputies are selected and appointed.

Government’s plan is to have invitations extended for the positions, following which, the Police Service Commission (PSC) will then assess and vet applications.

The PSC will then present an Order of Merit List to the President who will then submit the selections to the Parliament.

The Senate will meet tomorrow to debate the legal notice following which it will move to the House of Representatives for debate on Wednesday.

In an interview with the Express, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi said this will be an amendment of the 2015 selection process as amended by the decision of Mr Justice Rajkumar.

He said “It represents a preservation of the exclusive jurisdiction of the Police Service Commission to engage in and handle the process of procuring the nomination of a Commissioner of Police or Deputy Commissioner of Police.”

Al-Rawi to the media house that he does not anticipate any hindrance from the Opposition to the legal notice.