Sealy aiming to have WASA transformed over next 3 years

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Sealy aiming to have WASA transformed over next 3 years

Newly appointed executive director of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) Dr Lennox Sealy says he will be taking an international perspective to the transformation of the authority, as he seeks to ensure the country has enough water to sustain itself.

In an interview, Sealy said he will be focusing on three key areas:- transformation of WASA over the next three years, increasing the potable supply of water by better management of wastewater resources, and education about water conservation.

He said: “We have to better manage our wastewater resources, and educate the public about the importance of water. We don’t have an integrated water resources management strategy. We use more water than other countries. We have to bring water conservation to the table.”

Sealy also revealed plans for the digital advancement and development of local intakes in rural communities like Matelot and El Quemado.

And, he intends to move WASA’s suite of services online, pointing out that “people must be able to pay their bills online efficiently.”