RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 Revealed New Shocking Twist

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 Revealed New Shocking Twist

Mother Has Arrived…RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 5 is here to have you gagging! Just in 10 queens are vying for redemption in ALL-STARS season 5. The famed drag performer and ‘Dragrace’ creator RuPaul also has SUSPENDED All Star rules forever!

This season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is about to serve some “La Vida Loca” realness with its slate of guest judges kicking off with Ricky Martin!

The star-studded lineup of guest judges does not stop with the “She Bangs” singer. Joining RuPaul on the mainstage are Tessa Thompson, Jane Krakowski, Nicole Byer, Bebe Rexha, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Sam Richardson, Madison Beer, Sarah Hyland, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Tommy Dorfman and Drag Race regular Todrick Hall. In the premiere, Martin will help judge the all-star queens for seasons past as they partake in a reading mini-challenge and hit the runway for a “Werq the World” variety extravaganza.

It appears the queens will have to face off with a legendary ‘lip sync assassin’ from the past for their legacy and If the top all-star of the week wins the lip sync, she wins a $10,000 tip and the power to eliminate the bottom queen of her choice. If the lip sync assassin wins, a bottom queen selected from a secret group vote gets the chop, and the money rolls over until a top all-star wins — now that is a gag!

As always, the queens performed at various reading levels (Ongina flopped so hard, Jujubee noted that “the crickets aren’t even laughing”), but a few queens stood out as being exceptionally literate: Jujubee referring to Mayhem as “Mayhem Filler” and “Meh-hem Miller” was inspired, India got personal by suggesting to Derrick that it might be time to #FreeBritney, and Blair paused her jokes to give everyone at home a chance to Google who India is. I can’t exactly argue with Ru for splitting the win between Jujubee and Blair.

For the season’s first maxi challenge, the queens were tasked with performing show-stopping numbers inspired by Drag Race‘s Werq the World Tour — yet another live experience this show is advertising that, due to the state of the world, fans are unable to attend. (See also: Drag Race‘s Vegas show and Broadway’s Frozen, the latter of which has since closed.)

Alexis got the party started with a “Bam!” by treating everyone to a high-energy dance number; Shea performed a pole-dancing routine that was both sexy and athletically impressive; Mayhem capitalized off of her infamous meme, even if her poor diction made it impossible to understand what she was saying; Mariah (aka “Miss Mariah Angelou”) stunned everyone with a powerful spoken-word performance, honoring all those who have stood up for their rights; and Cracker reintroduced herself as a glamorous pickle.

Dressed in a glittery floral normal, India returned to the runway, where she was greeted by the first surprise assassin: Drag Race Season 11 winner Yvie Oddly! (Something about those pants and shoes was a dead giveaway, but I was thrilled nonetheless when Yvie’s face emerged from backstage.) Facing off to the tune of Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” naturally, India once again impressed me with her versatility, energy and commitment. She brought it. Unfortunately, her competitor embodied the idea of the song in a way that only Yvie could, earning Ms. Oddly a well-deserved win. (Fun fact: The $10,000 tip rolls over into next week’s challenge, making the stakes even higher.)

Yvie then revealed the name on her lipstick, sending Derrick Barry packing. Do you think she was the right queen to go home first?

1st eliminated Queen Derek Berry speaks about her time at on All Stars, click below: