Recap: Major stories from Oct – Dec 2022

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Recap: Major stories from Oct – Dec 2022

Here are the major incidents from October – December 2022:

October 03rd – Karen Nunez-Teixeira candidacy for PNM Leadership

October 07th – Winston Henry Explainer dies

October 20th – Liz Truss resigns as UK PM after six weeks in office

October 23rd – Vincent Nelson deal unravels

October 25th – Rishi Sunak appointed UK PM

November 20th – World Cup begins in Qatar

November 26&27th – Massive flooding across T&T

December 01st – False rumor of Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds fired

December 16th – Calypso Queen Singing Francene, Francene Edwards dies

December 18th – Argentina wins 2022 World Cup for the 3rd time

December- 26th – T&T reaches 602 Murders for 2022

December 28th – Calypso legend Leroy Caliste -Black Stalin dies