Public Admin Minister assures Christmas timeline for backpay being worked on

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Public Admin Minister assures Christmas timeline for backpay being worked on

Public servants have been given yet another assurance that they will receive their backpay by Christmas.

Public Administration Minister Allyson West, said the necessary funds were available and everything would be done to ensure that public servants received back pay when Finance Minister Colm Imbert promised they would.

Imbert promised that public servants who had agreed to accept the Government’s four per cent salary-increase offer would get their back pay by Christmas.

At a post-Cabinet news conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s, on Thursday, the Prime Minister said an unnamed public servant indicated the announced deadline might not be met.

But he said: “There is a Government in this country, and the Government will do what has to be done.”

West said, “This is an issue into which the the Ministry of Public Administration and the Ministry of Finance are looking to determine what we can do to ensure that we meet, to the extent feasible, the timeline that the Minister of Finance would put forward.

She made it clear that “this is not a financial issue.”

Imbert, West continued, indicated “that he has or will make arrangements to make the funds available.”

She said this meant the matter “is purely an administrative matter.”

West was hopeful that by next week, “we will be in a better position to determine where the challenges lie and who needs what resources to help us to make the timeline (for payment by Christmas).”