Prisoner, prison officer quarantined at Caura Hospital

Prisoner, prison officer quarantined at Caura Hospital

A third prison officer has tested positive for Covid-19.

On Wednesday night, the victim was told of her positive result and was quarantined. She was subsequently taken to the Caura Hospital for treatment.

A source said that the officer was in contact with at least 77 prison officers who are also now in quarantine.

A prisoner who tested positive is also receiving treatment at Caura Hospital for Covid-19.

The prisoner is said to be under heavy police guard at the hospital, with CCTV cameras being used to monitor his actions.

One source said that Prisons Commissioner Dennis Pulchan is doing everything in his power to protect the inmates and staff. Persons exhibiting flu-like symptoms are advised to get tested and stay in quarantine.

Pulchan said that the prison is in a vulnerable and volatile environment, adding that the inmates are housed and accommodated into cells that are close together.

He said, “Now we are sanitising all our divisions twice a day. Much more emphasis is placed on sanitisation, inmates’ baths and cleaning of hands. Our officers are even doing medicine parades and identifying prisoners who are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, and sending them for examination and monitoring them. So much more is being done.”

The source confirmed that all primary, secondary, and even tertiary contacts of the prison officer will be contacted in order to prevent further spread of the virus.