Prince Swanny claims threats against his life by TT police; seeking US asylum

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Prince Swanny claims threats against his life by TT police; seeking US asylum

Following what he says have been numerous threats made against his life, Tarryl Swan, also known as “Prince Swanny” in the dancehall entertainment industry, is seeking asylum in the United States.

According to an Express interview, Swanny claims that police officers from the Western Division Gang Unit (WDGU) have been issuing threats on his life, harassing him, and attempting to implicate him in multiple homicides, shootings and woundings in the Carenage area over time.

“The system is against me and basically I am fearful for my life. People saying I die and police constantly monitoring me. Something seems off,” he told the Express from an undisclosed location in the United States yesterday.

He told the media house: “they (police) would pass by my home in Carenage and make remarks and when they do not see me they would tamper with my vehicles and there was an instance they slashed my tyres”.

Swan said a few weeks ago he left Trinidad and flew to the US where he spoke to US authorities about his situation. “I decided to apply for asylum because I cannot stay in Trinidad anymore. The hearing of my asylum claim is next year March,” he said.

He said he thought a complaint to the Police Complaints Authority following a shooting incident in late June would have deterred police from coming at him, “but the next day they came to my house in Carenage early in the morning and telling my aunt she could go Police Complaints Authority. I don’t know who tell them I went there but something not right,” said Swan.

Swan’s manager, Mikail Borneo of Ztekk Entertainment, who lives in the United States and spoke on Swan’s behalf, said, “All he wants to do is fight for his life. It’s a corrupted system, and he can’t receive any help there, so the best he can do is fly abroad for assistance.”

Borneo stated that the prominent entertainer known for his “Trinibad” music had no other choice. “He is constantly harassed. How can someone live with that mentally and physically?” Borneo asked.