Ramona demands apology from Hinds


Ramona demands apology from Hinds

MP for Couva North Ramona Ramdial is demanding an apology from MP for Laventille West Fitzgerald Hinds over what she considers to be insensitive remarks. Ramdial maintains that since the tragic incident last Monday regarding the missing fishermen who were thrown overboard, there have been no visits or communication between the Minister of National Security, Minister of Agriculture, Chief of Coast Guard and families of the missing fishermen.

In response, Ramona alleges that Minister Hinds said if there was a request by families of the murdered and still-missing fishermen, the government security patrol would have intervened. He also said that since there was no Member of Parliament for Couva in Government, there was no need for a government representative to go to the wake of funeral. Ramdial alleges that Hinds made these comments during a morning show programme, on Monday morning. Ramdial said that his comments were rather unfortunate, and viewed them as his political bias toward the people of Couva. She added that the entire government led by Prime Minister Keith Rowley has, from the beginning, shown a lack of compassion and care to the people of Trinidad & Tobago and it was high time the people demand better of their government.

Ramdial said that she needed to remind Minister Hinds that as elected public officers and a sitting government Minister, he has a duty and responsibility to all the people of Trinidad & Tobago and therefore his comments were rather unfortunate and indicate his political bias toward the people of Couva.