‘POLICE’ marked clothing, weed, ammo seized in Morvant

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‘POLICE’ marked clothing, weed, ammo seized in Morvant

Quantities of marijuana and ammunition along with several articles of clothing bearing the word ‘POLICE’, were seized by officers of the North Eastern Division, during an anti-crime exercise, conducted in the Morvant district yesterday.

The exercise was conducted between 4 pm and 11:30 pm, on Thursday 12th January, 2023, during which officers proceeded to 2nd Caledonia, where they found a grey Kia Sportage motor vehicle parked in a shed.
It is alleged that the vehicle was involved in the commission of an offence in the St. Clair district around 2 pm yesterday.

Investigations led officers to the Caledonia Community Centre where a search was conducted. There officers found eight kilogrammes of marijuana with a street value of $100,000.
Officers also found eight rounds of 5.56mm ammunition and 75 rounds of 9mm ammunition, one blue operational jacket fitted with patches to the front, both arms and to the back, one black tactical pants and one cap.
Investigations are ongoing.