PM Rowley: SOE will end on Wednesday 17th Nov

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PM Rowley: SOE will end on Wednesday 17th Nov


Prime minister Dr Keith Rowley has indicated that the Parliament will meet on Wednesday to discontinue the State of Emergency.
However, the Public Health Ordinance Regulations will continue to be enforced.

In addition to the announcement, he stated that public gatherings will remain at 10, while public fetes and parties, in all forms, will remain prohibited.

He said the consumption of alcohol in public spaces will also remain banned.

Furthermore, religious services will remain at 90 minutes, however, capacity will increase to 50 per cent.
These capacity rules apply to funerals, weddings and christening services.

The current arrangements for schools, he added, will remain in place.

Dr Rowley also announced that public pools will be opened to fully vaccinated persons as safe zones.