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PM: Local Gov’t management weak!

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says the management system that currently exists within the 14 municipal corporations is weak and needs to change.  

He made the comment on Saturday as he opened the Diego Martin Administrative Complex. 

During his feature address, Dr Rowley explained some of the pains that councillors face having to deal with CEOs who at times do not support councillors with their requests for aid. 

He provided examples to prove his point. 

The PM spoke of a contractor in the Diego Martin borough who leading up to elections he stopped collection and was still paid.  

He also gave the example of a man who was incarcerated yet being paid by the corporation for over a year. 

“The management system in the corporation is weak! It is faulty! It can be improved by the work we have done.” 

This work, he said, was local government reform that gave the council of the corporations the power to dictate to the public servants how to spend the funds.  

He said there is no reason why schools within the borough of Diego Martin can’t be repaired with money collected by the corporation, allowing for the Education Ministry to focus on other things.  

Likewise social services can be decentralized to regional corporations.