Opposition MP slams TTPS’ “laissez-faire” response to crime in Chaguanas East

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Opposition MP slams TTPS’ “laissez-faire” response to crime in Chaguanas East

The police have been accused of failing to implement measures to reduce crime in the jurisdiction.

This from Chaguanas East MP Vandana Mohit.

In a release yesterday, she said: “Despite repeated calls for police action and measures to mitigate against the proliferation of crimes and criminal activities in the Chaguanas East region, none is being undertaken or initiated despite a rampant upsurge in same.

“The authorities continue to adopt a laissez-faire and nonchalant response to this problem plaguing the residents.”

Mohit cited several incidents between February 27 and yesterday, including robberies and a shooting at Enterprise.

She said a doctor and his teenage son were robbed at gunpoint during a home invasion on Tuesday night at Point Pleasant and in an armed robbery at Soogrim Trace, Endeavour, yesterday, a farmer was robbed of his van.

“The question begs, who, where and when will the next criminal incident occur in Chaguanas East?” Mohit asked

“These dastardly acts perpetrated on innocent law-abiding citizens must be immediately addressed, any further calls to the somnambulating Minister of National Security to resign or the Prime Minister to fire him for his non-performance will not happen.

“They simply are numb to the plight of the people and continue to display a reticent approach to this scourge.”

The MP renewed a call for the immediate intervention of the Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher to help the people of Chaguanas East and also asked National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds to meet and explain what could be done to protect the burgesses of Chaguanas East from criminal elements.