Dr. Rowley responds to Dr. Tim Goopiesingh

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Dr. Rowley responds to Dr. Tim Goopiesingh

PM Rowley via Facebook

Hello Dr Tim. (my former cricket colleague) a fairly good historical published summary of the regional efforts to grapple with the chronic decline of West Indies cricket. However, maybe if you had not omitted that I served on the Caricom Heads Committee and was one of the Leaders who received and deliberated on the Barriteau Report in Grenada, then your frantic leader might have saved herself the embarrassing rant of the ill-tempered and ill-informed.

Btw, partner, my exercise regime is strongly recommended and supported by my doctor and I am sure that you can attest that walking the Moka golf course at daybreak is a delightful exercise which is far more healthful and beneficial than frequently raising a glass of vodka or white rum.