TT Chamber calls for holistic regional approach to expedite agri-business development within the region

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TT Chamber calls for holistic regional approach to expedite agri-business development within the region

The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC) says the spotlight placed on a coordinated legislative approach to full freedom of movement and the subsequent removal of internal barriers inhibiting regional commerce, marks a significant stride for all private sectors within Caricom.

The chamber said the notable references to deeper engagement with Guyana in the realm of agriculture hold promise for fostering a regional agri-value chain approach, promoting greater food security, and facilitating new export development and foreign exchange earnings.

It advocated for a holistic regional approach, leveraging individual comparative advantages across related sectors to expedite agri-business development within the region.

The T&T Chamber said it eagerly anticipates playing a meaningful role in stakeholder engagement and targeted actions aligned with fulfilling this agenda.

“Our commitment to regionally focused trade, diplomatic ties, and trade facilitation initiatives remains steadfast. We are dedicated to fortifying these efforts to enhance regional security and cooperation.”

Additionally, the T&T Chamber emphasised the importance of public-private partnerships in key areas.

“We believe that the free movement of Caricom citizens is essential for regional success and sustainability. Addressing barriers to goods and services is crucial for fostering growth and seizing opportunities for all stakeholders. Our Food Security, Agriculture, and Fisheries Committee is preparing to actively engage with the government to formulate recommendations aimed at advancing this sector. We are encouraged by the positive discussions between our countries and look forward to supporting initiatives that promote regional prosperity.”

The chamber said it anticipates further information on enhancing national security measures.

“Crime poses a significant threat to our country’s development, and we stand ready to support the implementation of new strategies if required,” it said.

The T&T Chamber said it remains committed to fostering regional collaboration and prosperity and is optimistic about the opportunities presented by the outcomes of the Caricom Heads of Government meeting.