Opposition Leader’s comments accurate but “ill-timed”

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Opposition Leader’s comments accurate but “ill-timed”

Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar, has received flack for her comments leading up to the Independence Day celebrations.

The Opposition Leader claimed that the PNM did not fight for the country’s independence.

Speaking earlier this week at the UNC’s Monday night forum, the UNC leader said that the British was urging the colonies to become independent.

She suggested that the British no longer wanted the burden of dependency placed on it by the colonies.

Her comments led to many memes and she has been accused on social media of diminishing the country’s struggle for independence and what it meant for the nation.

Some have even labeled her comments as “inaccurate” and “an exaggeration”.

New Power Now spoke with historian Jerome Teelucksingh for a better understanding of the accuracy of Mrs. Persad-Bissessar comments.

He explained that her comments were not wholly inaccurate.

Mr Teelucksingh added that her comments while not wholly inaccurate, were however ill-timed and as a result considered unpatriotic.