Operation ‘Grand Slam’ Results In Arrests, Drug Seizures In Northern Division

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Operation ‘Grand Slam’ Results In Arrests, Drug Seizures In Northern Division

During the period of 5 am to 10 pm on April 6th, officers of the Northern Division conducted exercises as part of ‘Operation Grand Slam’ which resulted in the arrest of nine persons for various offences including possession of drugs. 

In accordance with the Easter Crime Plan, officers executed a warrant at a home in Trinidad Road, Wallerfield, and found and seized 4.2 grams of cocaine behind a gas tank in the kitchen. Three occupants of the residence were arrested and will subsequently be charged for the offence. 

In area North of the division, members of the Northern Division Task Force conducted a roving drug exercise with concentration in D’Abadie, Malabar, Arima Central Business Area, Maturita, Hoyte  Avenue and Pinto where and arrested two persons, one for possession of apparatus and another for possession of cocaine and an apparatus. 

Additionally, during a roving roadblock with focus on D’Abadie,  Malabar, Arima Central Business Area, Maturita, Hoyte Avenue and  Pinto districts, officers arrested three persons, two for possession of camouflage and one for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Failure to Produce Drivers Permit. 

Finally based on intelligent information, officers proceeded to La Croix Trace, Malabar, Arima. Whilst in the vicinity of Joseph Avenue, on the said La Croix Trace, the officers observed a White Nissan Almera parked on the eastern side of the said roadway facing a Southerly direction. The driver looked in the direction of the officers then and began to drive off. 

The officers gave chase and stopped the vehicle and carried out a search. Whilst searching, the officers observed the handle of a blue plastic bag protruding from under the left front passenger seat of the mentioned vehicle. The officers then took possession of the said bag, 

and found two wrapped, rectangular shaped red packets containing marijuana weighing 535g and 532g respectively. The driver was arrested and is expected to be charged for the offence of Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Trafficking.  

Enquiries are continuing.