One dead in police-involved shooting in Western Division

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One dead in police-involved shooting in Western Division

Multiple anti-crime exercises conducted in the Western Division on Saturday resulted in one man being killed in a police-involved shooting incident, the arrest of two suspects and the seizure of a firearm and quantities of ammunition.

In the first incident, officers of the West End Criminal Investigations Department, Western Divisional Gang and Intelligence Unit and Western Division Task Force (WDTF), were responding to a report of Robbery with Aggravation in the Diego Martin district, when based on information, they proceeded to the River Estate district, where four suspects were seen, two of them armed with guns.

As the officers attempted to arrest the suspects, one of the armed men pointed a firearm in the direction of the officers. The officers in keeping with the Use of Force Policy, discharged their service firearms in the direction of the suspects.

One man was injured and taken to the St. James Medical Facility where he later died. He has since been identified as 21-year-old Derron Forde of Diego Martin.

A second suspect, an 18-year-old also of Diego Martin was held shortly after, while the other two suspects escaped.

One Glock pistol loaded with a magazine containing 15 rounds of ammunition, two cellular phones and a black side bag were recovered from the scene.

In the second incident, WDTF officers conducted an exercise between 1 pm and 7 pm, yesterday, during which they proceeded to Bournes Road, St. James.

There, they executed a search warrant at the home of a male suspect which resulted in 41 rounds of assorted ammunition being found hidden in a peanut butter container.

The suspect, who was on the premises at the time of the search was arrested in connection with the find.

And in the third incident, Task Force officers conducted an exercise in the St. James district between 9:30 pm and 11 pm, yesterday, which resulted in the seizure of one pistol loaded with a magazine containing two rounds of ammunition being found.

Investigations are ongoing into all the above matters.