One dead and 21 injured near Super Bowl parade in Kansas City

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One dead and 21 injured near Super Bowl parade in Kansas City

One person has died and 21 people were wounded in a shooting in Missouri at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade.

Officials said they treated eight victims who were in immediately life-threatening condition, as well as seven others who had suffered injuries that could prove life-threatening.

An area hospital confirmed that nine children were among the wounded.

Police said they have arrested three suspects in connection to the shooting.

The shots were fired west of Union Station, the train station in downtown Kansas City, which was close to thousands of fans who had gathered for the victory parade on Wednesday.

The parade ended outside Union Station around 14:00 local time (20:00 GMT), and local reports said Kansas City Chiefs players were still on a stage when shots were first fired.

The gunfire caused the watching crowd, including the city’s mayor and his family members, to run for cover.

More than 800 police officers were already on the scene to monitor the parade, officials said, including on top of buildings to ensure the safety of those who had gathered to watch. The city’s fire department was also present to provide medical attention if needed.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said officers responded immediately after the gunshots broke out and detectives who were on the scene immediately opened an investigation.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Chief Graves said a total of 22 people were struck by gunfire – one of whom is dead – and three individuals were arrested.

The surviving victims were transported to three local hospitals, officials said, with the immediately life-threatening cases taken to hospital within 10 minutes of the shooting.

Nine children with gunshot wounds are being treated at Children’s Mercy hospital which cares for patients under the age of 17, an administrator said.

Local hospitals said they were also treating people who were not shot but who had suffered other injuries in the sudden stampede that followed the shooting.

City officials did not release the names or ages of any of the victims. They also did not share any information about the suspects who were arrested, including what might have led to the shooting.

A law enforcement source told CBS News, the BBC’s US partner, that the shooting appeared to be the result of an argument that turned violent. The source said it was not terrorism related.

Police said they are still investigating a motive, however, and they said they are still gathering digital and physical evidence. They asked for any eye witnesses or individuals with information to contact law enforcement.