Three arrested, bulletproof vest and stolen vehicle recovered

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Three arrested, bulletproof vest and stolen vehicle recovered

Officers of the Northern Division Task Force – South conducted successful stop and search exercises, arrested 3 people, seized firearm and ammunition and bulletproof vests and recovered a stolen vehicle during separate roving exercises in areas south of the Northern Division yesterday, May 6th, 2023.

In the first exercise, “Real Steel Operations” twelve Stop and Search forms were filled out between 6pm and 9pm. The operation was conducted in several areas, including La Horquetta, San Raphael, Talparo, Maloney, Tumpuna Road, and Jacob Hill. The officers also paid special attention to known drug blocks, crime hot spots, vehicular traffic, dwelling houses, pedestrians, and suspicious persons.

In the second exercise, a Joint Army Patrol/roving exercise was conducted in the Pinto Police District between 6 pm and 10 pm.

The officers conducted patrols in the area and seven field interview forms were completed. Special attention was also paid to drug blocks and vehicles entering and leaving the area.

Following this, officers of the Pinto Road Police Post conducted an exercise as part of operation “Grand Slam”.

During the exercise, officers proceeded to an abandoned structure at Lalonde Gordon Street, Phase 7, La Horquetta, where a search was carried out and two (2) bulletproof vests were found, one black and one blue. Additionally, the officers obtained information from the Gang Intel Unit which led to the execution of a search warrant at Power Lane, Jokhan Trace, Carapo, at the home of a 25-year-old man wanted in connection with a recent report of a shooting, one 9 millimetre pistol with thirteen rounds of ammunition were seized at the residence. His girlfriend a 35-year-old woman was also arrested.

Meanwhile, one man was arrested in connection with a white Hyundai motor vehicle which was stolen, on Wednesday 3rd May from the district.

Based on information received, PC Eligon and a party of officers proceed to Mission Road Freeport. Upon arrival, the officers observed a white Hyuandi motor vehicle parked inside of the garage. Further investigations revealed, that a 34-year-old man, a resident at the location claimed to be the owner of the vehicle. However, when requested to produce valid documents, a certificate of insurance, a certified copy of the vehicle, and proof of purchase, he failed to do so.

Additional checks on the vehicle revealed that the chassis number was tampered with. As a result, the 34-year-old man was arrested.

The exercises was spearheaded by Senior Superintendent Francis, coordinated by Superintendent Revanales, Assistant Superintendent Pitt, Inspector Mascall, and Cpl Durity Sergeants Caldon and Naitram the Police Canine Unit and the Arima Municipal Task Force.

Investigations are continuing.