No word on his return, but ‘Pepper Mouth’ Padarath gets support from UNC Exec.

No word on his return, but ‘Pepper Mouth’ Padarath gets support from UNC Exec.

While questions of his return to the country remain, the United National Congress’ (UNC) Princes Town Constituency Executive has fully endorsed Barry Padarath as the UNC’s prospective candidate in the upcoming 2020 General Elections.

On Thursday, UNC’s candidate for St. Augustine Khadijah Ameen voiced her support for her political colleague.

In a teasing post to her Facebook page she hinted that Padarath may be coming home, and soon.

“My brother Barry Shiva Padarath is coming home!!! They can’t stop him for nutten!!! Full support. Reach safe.

Padarath’s return was shrouded in controversy as the airline he reportedly used to book his return flight to Trinidad, ‘Blissful Jets’, a private charter company operating out of Miami, was not granted permission to enter T&T.

The Airline’s representative, Sacha Singh, has since accused National Security Minister Stuart Young of ignoring T&T nationals’ request to return home.

Young made it clear at a recent press conference that private charter planes have been been granted access to land in the country.

However, Padarath’s absence in the lead up to the elections have not dampened the support of his UNC supporters.

In a press release, the UNC’s Princes Town Executive said Padarath remains highly favoured among the constituents of Princes Town.

“Better known in the Princes Town Constituency as “the Pepper Mouth MP’, Padarath continues to demonstrate his competence and ability to represent, voicing the many concerns of his constituents both inside and outside of the Parliament whether it be lobbying for schools to be constructed or even for his constituents who has been without pipe borne water for months.

It said that Padarath, being the youngest Member of Parliament in the eleventh Parliament, has taken a vibrant and dynamic approach in serving the constituents of Princes Town over the past five years and now takes his wealth of experience, complimenting a new, young and exciting UNC Team in the 2020 General Elections.