No TT Nationals In Conflict Zones In  Syria Have Been Repatriated

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No TT Nationals In Conflict Zones In Syria Have Been Repatriated

To date none of the nationals of Trinidad and Tobago who are situated in the conflict zones in Syria have been repatriated to this country.

An advisory committee was created by the Government in March 2023 to facilitate the repatriation of Trinidad and Tobago nationals detained in Syria.

A three man team of imminent persons was also appointed to work closely and through state agencies tasked with the responsibility of planning and facilitating the organised return of these persons.

The team will provide a critical interface with civil society, family members and the communities of this group of nationals.

The work of the state on this matter is being coordinated through Task Force Nightingale, which is an inter-ministerial committee set up in 2018, to advice on and develop a legislative and policy framework to facilitate and execute the organised repatriation of this group of persons.

The Opposition wanted to know from the government how many citizens have been repatriated since the establishment of the said Committee.

The government said it is committed to ensuring the return of qualified persons and balances the needs of those returning with national security considerations that is in the best interest of Trinidad and Tobago.