No sex-ed in Primary Schools says Maha Sabha

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No sex-ed in Primary Schools says Maha Sabha

The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) is against any plans to include sexual education in primary schools.

In a release to media on Monday, it said the inclusion of sexuality and sexual health in primary school “can interfere with the stated tenets of our religious text and beliefs.”

The Maha Sabha noted that the government, upon winning the General Election in 2022, started focusing on the education system with a proposal to include sex education in the primary school curriculum.

The release, signed by the organisation’s acting General Secretary, Vijay Maharaj, stated, “This proposal was an infringement of the rights and religious freedom under the Constitution and the 1960 Concordat. Trying to provide students with knowledge did not include what exactly was going to be taught.”

The SDMS says “with so many gender distinctions and gender fluidity” teachers may inadvertently raise “unbridled curiosity and exploration among pre-pubescent and pubescent students.”