NGC Group of Companies celebrate Energy Transition Week 2020


NGC Group of Companies celebrate Energy Transition Week 2020

On Thursday 22nd and  Friday 23rd October 2020, NGC hosted its 2nd  Energy Transition Week in recognition of World Energy Efficiency Day – #EEDay 2020, celebrated on the first Wednesday in October annually. This year World Energy Efficiency Day was marked on Wednesday 7th October 2020 with a message of ‘Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.’

This annual awareness event brings together hundred of organizations, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and many other institutions to share tips, learnings and ideas to achieve greater energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest way to meet energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution.

This two-day conference for employees themed, ‘Be the Transition: See the Change’ focused on energy efficiency as the desired outcome and energy transition as the action needed to effect the outcome. The two-day event placed a spotlight on the multiple benefits that saving energy offers, and the steps required to be more energy conscious through activities of conservation and efficiency.  Employees learnt of the steps for small changes that add up to sustainable energy use with little impact on comfort and convenience.


Topics covered over the two days included:

  • The value of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to T & T
  • Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality
  • An update on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency policies
  • Climate Analytics
  • Wind and Solar
  • And the NGC Groups’s Update on its Renewable Energy Mandate

At the Opening, NGC’s President Mr. Mark Loquan, an EE advocate, shared his thoughts : “ As an island nation, Trinidad and Tobago is extremely vulnerable to the changing weather patterns and rising sea levels caused by global warming. Supporting combative efforts against climate change by transitioning away from heavy fossil fuel dependence in favour of cleaner energy technologies is therefore in the country’s best interest. We know that we need to optimise how we use energy, that we must conserve molecules and reduce our carbon footprint, but how do we achieve this? Energy Efficiency and a cleaner energy mix are the outcomes we are working toward. Energy Transition is the path we take to get there.”

Presenters for the day included representatives of Energy Dynamics Limited, Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, and The NGC Group of Companies.