New Crew Management Contractor for National Energy Vessels

New Crew Management Contractor for National Energy Vessels

National Energy has awarded a contract to a new Company for the crewing and manning of its vessels. This award is in strict compliance with the Company’s tendering process.

National Energy invited tenders for the provision of Crew Management services in July 2019 through the Company’s tendering process. All local and international companies which prequalified for Crew Management Services were invited to submit proposals. At the end of the evaluation process a suitable contractor was identified based on the contents of the submissions. All necessary approvals for the award of contract were obtained and the successful contractor notified of the award. The Company’s procedure for inviting tenders, which is in harmony with the national procurement procedure of the Office of Procurement Management was strictly followed.

The successful contractor is Blue Ocean Marine and they will be responsible for the manning of vessels under the crew management contract. This includes the sourcing, recruitment, selection, deployment, scheduling, training/upgrading programs, and on-going management of seafarers engaged on the vessels under the contract.

Blue Ocean Marine has agreed to keep all crews currently engaged on National Energy’s vessels, by the previous contractor, for a period of two months before making changes it may deem necessary to optimize the operation of the vessels.

Selecting a qualified contractor to provide crew management services for the Company’s fleet of vessels enables and secures National Energy’s business in the energy and maritime industries, which demand trained and highly specialized crews for their ever-evolving needs.