Neil Parsanlal Is Appointed Chairman Of NALIS As New Board Is Revealed

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Neil Parsanlal Is Appointed Chairman Of NALIS As New Board Is Revealed

Former government minister, Neil Parsanlal, is appointed as Chairman of the ninth Board of Directors of the National Library and Information System Authority.

Mr Parsanlal has served on the board since 2016.

Jacqueline Charles will function as Deputy Chairman.

The new Board of Directors also includes Lorraine Nero (Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago Representative), Cathyan Townsend, Joanna Charles, Martin Farinha, Shaarda Patasar, Tonya-Lee Williams, and Paula Greene, Ex-Officio Member and Executive Director of NALIS.

Minister Symon de Nobriga, in presenting the Instruments of Appointment, encouraged the new Board of Directors by reminding them that they get to “make a qualitative difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of persons, every day.”

The NALIS Board of Directors has responsibility for ensuring accessible and efficient delivery of library and information services through 27 government libraries and 133 secondary schools to assist the cultural, economic, educational, political, and social development of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Board conducts its functions and executes its powers in accordance with any written directions issued to it by the Minister.