MSJ Labels Cabinet Reshuffle, Appointment Of New AG, A Distraction

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MSJ Labels Cabinet Reshuffle, Appointment Of New AG, A Distraction

The Movement for Social Justice describes the Cabinet reshuffle announced by Prime Minister Keith Rowley as a strategy to change the public narrative and to shift attention away from issues that are very important to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

In a media release on Wednesday afternoon, the MSJ cited the reignited Commissioner of Police Merit List and interference in the work of the Police Service Commission; the tragedy of the deaths of four divers while working at Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited; and the absence of any plan to deal with the growing crisis of high and rising food prices.

The MSJ said it is of a very strong belief it does not matter who is the Minister of which Ministry, what is important are the policies of the Government.

It claimed reshuffling Ministers while leaving intact the same policies will give the same result.

As for the appointment of Reginald Armour as Attorney General and Faris Al Rawi to Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, the MSJ reminded the country, Mr. Armour was the lead counsel for Petrotrin in 2018 when the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union challenged the closure of the company and the retrenchment of all the workers before the Industrial Court.