Mother Batters Daughter to Death With A Hammer After Overdosing On Antidepressants


Mother Batters Daughter to Death With A Hammer After Overdosing On Antidepressants

A woman, accused of killing her own daughter, a three-year-old girl, with a hammer, is in critical condition after trying to commit suicide. The case, which took place in Kirovgard, Russia, is shocking the world.

According to the investigation, Natalia Petunina attacked little Lisa after taking an enormous amount of antidepressant drugs. The mother was alone with her daughter, in the family’s apartment, last Friday, when the attack took place.

Upon arriving home from work, Natalia’s husband and Lisa’s father, Vladimir, found the child dead in a pool of blood in a scenario of extreme violence. He immediately called the emergency services, but when they reached the scene, there was nothing to be done for Lisa. The cause of the girl’s death was violent blows to the head, made with a hammer, which undid her skull.

Her mother, Natalia, tried to commit suicide and was therefore taken to the hospital in serious condition.

“She was unable to carry the plan through because her husband came home and called emergency services and authorities,” Valeriy Gorelykh, a spokesman for the local police, told reporters.

An investigation was launched and Natalia faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of her daughter’s murder, even though the woman was under the influence of medication. “Before the tragedy, the mother took much more medication than she should have. This could trigger aggressive behavior against the child,” said the police spokesman on the investigations.

Natalia’s family and friends are in shock. They guarantee that, despite fighting a depression, the Russian was “a good mother”. “Natalia, whenever we saw her, did it because she was in a good mood. She loved her daughter and took good care of the girl, she was always well taken care of”, reports a friend of her mother accused of murder.